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Yummy campsite cooking.

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After all the travelling and the effort (and shouting!) of pitching up your tent the last thing you want is to be slaving away to fix a meal, after all you’re on holiday!
Let’s face it some of the best memories about camping (and life itself!)revolves around food!
So here are some of the best yummy campsite cooking tips!

1. For the first night under canvas make it a easy one. Bring a meal that you have prepared at home and one that can be reheated. Pasta and a yummy sauce is perfect.

2. Campsite treats are a must! To make the classic s’mores you will need biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows and maybe some spiced nuts for the adults. Just assemble and melt over a fire. Yum

3. Children’s bedtime drink, delicious hot chocolate. And for the adults add a bit of Baileys cream to the hot chocolate as a treat.

4. A large pie, pork,beef or veggie tastes great hot with baked beans or cold with salad as a part of a picnic.

5. The classic summer BBQ, beef burgers and hot dogs are a must, but mix it up and buy some fresh fish from Padstow Harbour or some fresh beef steak and veg.

6. There is nothing that says British camping holiday more than the smell of bacon and egg in the morning.

7. Sweet treats are great for picnics or a day at the beach. Think chocolate Brownies, flapjacks and homemade biscuits all can be made at home and store well for up to a week in a air tight container.

8. Store cupboard dinner, packet noodles with fresh meat or fish, packets of porridge, dried fruit,a jar of pesto to liven up plain pasta.

9. One pot wonders, casseroles, stews, bung it all in, cook over a camp fire or camping stove serve with fresh crusty bread. Delicious and limited washing up required. Bonus!

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