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Five tips for camping in the Cornish wet weather.

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It’s holiday time, the kids are off school, the tents up and…’s raining!
Cornwall is fab come rain or shine but when the rain starts to pour at Music Water here are our five tips for camping in the Cornish wet weather.

1. Bring lots of waterproof bags to keep your belongings dry. Keep water off your electronics, food, sleeping bags and your shoes!

2. Talking of shoes, make sure you pack waterproof coats, leggings and welly boots so even if it’s wet through outside you don’t have to be.
Tip (within a tip!) always carry a waterproof coat the Cornish weather can change Coast to Coast and hour by hour!

3. Setting up your tent, it’s important to start on a good note. Correctly tighten guide ropes, peg down securely.
Make a base using plastic sheets to avoid the tent floor getting soggy and if possible pitch on higher ground.

4. Put up a Gazebo or a porch shelter this gives you extra room to sit and eat or play games when wet. Make sure both the tent and the gazebo has been properly coated in waterproofing.

5. Keep quick drying towels on hand, these are ideal for not only wiping water off you but it doubles up as a mop to dry up water from inside the tent,dry tables and chairs and quite frankly anything else that gets wet!

You may not be able to control the weather but with a little forward planning you don’t have to let the Wet Cornish weather ruin your camping trip.

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