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Why we love a Cornish summer.

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why We love a Cornish summer.

Why we love a Cornish summer is because quite simply everything about it is awesome!
There is nowhere else that captures the essence of summer like Cornwall. Anyone who has spent any time in Cornwall in summer will describe it as….well awesome! It’s what childhood memories are all about and the reason why people come back to Cornwall year after year.

The Cornish pasty is symbolic with the county and has stood the test of time. Not only was the pasty the packed lunch of miners but it is still enjoyed by thousands of locals and holiday makers alike each year. Flavours range from the traditional to the fruity to the down right weird!

The Beaches. With over 400 tip top beaches to discover in Cornwall you will have plenty to choose from. Sandy shores, blue waters and rugged coastal paths to explore.

Sub tropical gardens. With our balmy climate Cornwall is home to many diverse plants, trees and flowers. We have the largest greenhouses at the Eden Project with plants and flowers that just blow you away.
Get wonderfully lost around the Lost gardens of Heligan or fall in love with the exotic paradise of Trebah.

History and Heritage. Shipwrecks, smuggling, Poldark, nothing gets you more intrigued than the romantic stories of long ago. Giants, mermaids and piskies are all part of Cornwall’s fascinating history. From abandoned engine houses to stone circles Cornwall has it all.

Marine wildlife. From the common seagulls trying to steal your pasty (ok maybe not that one!) Book a sea safari from Padstow to see dolphins, seals, basking sharks and many seabirds to give you a glimpse into the Cornish coastal wildlife.

Just a few of the amazing things to be said for how wonderful cornwall can be. This is why we love a Cornish summer.

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