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How to grow fresh summer strawberries.

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How to grow fresh summer strawberries

How to grow fresh summer strawberries is top of my summer to do list. Delicious homegrown strawberries in June are for me the taste of summer.
If you would like to grow your very own strawberries like we do here at Music Water then here are the top tips.

1. Plants strawberry plants in spring or Autumn.

2. Strawberry plants love a sunny and sheltered spot in the garden or a pot on the patio.

3. Use fertile, free draining soil and add some really good organic compost or well rotted manure. We use the Manure from our lovely Music Water ponies for this!

4. If you haven’t got a garden fear not you can use hanging baskets, buckets, patio containers or strawberry planters. The advantage of these is that you can position the pots in just the right spot. The slugs and snails will have a more difficult job of having a feast if the plants are off ground.

5. Water regularly to establish plants and during dry spells.

6. Once the fruit has developed put dry straw underneath to stop the strawberries from rotting on the soil.

7. It’s worth netting your strawberries to protect them from hungry birds who also love fresh summer strawberry’s.

That’s my top tips for how to grow fresh summer strawberries, all you need to do now is serve them with a big dollop of Cornish clotted cream.

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