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Things everyone loves about the Royal Cornwall Show.

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The Royal Cornwall Show is one of the biggest events on the Cornish calendar. Wadebridge showground transforms itself into a hive of activity that showcases some of the best that the County has to offer.
It’s a three day event that offers something for everyone and caters for people from all walks of life.
Farmers proudly show off their prize winning cattle to the talented crafters that offers crafts and arts of every kind imaginable. Food and drink to entertainment, here are the things everyone loves about the Royal Cornwall Show.

Animals, the show offers a wide range of animals for you to look at from the classic farm animals of almost every breed to the fancy and exotic.
Take a look at the huge shire horses and the muscular farm bulls to the cute and fluffy bunnies and guinea pigs.
If the feathered variety is more your thing then take a look in the caged bird tents or marval at the many breeds of chickens and ducks.
There is plenty to learn as you visit the numerous stands which offer information on the conservation of the British wildlife or the Barn owls, donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary or wild animals from the Newquay Zoo stands. Not to mention the many pet stands or the fantastic dog shows.
As well as the animals the show loves to show off it’s deep,rich Cornish culture and heritage this can be seen in the Cornish wrestling demonstrations. Men and women of Cornwall have been ‘hitching’ for 100s of years and the wrestling association showcases its ancient Celtic martial art in its wrestling matches.
The Cornish are proud of their wonderful food heritage and you can sample many varieties of produce from pasty’s to chocolate, meats, cheeses and jams and chutney to locally brewed beers and wines.
The other things everyone loves about the Royal Cornwall Show is the random delights! In previous years there has been dinosaurs and giant walking robots that wander around the show. Around every corner you never quite know what you may find from samba bands to stilt walkers. Who knows what you may see this year!
There is so much to mention the funfair, the main ring demonstrations, showjumping, motorbike stunt shows, the blooms of the flower tents and not to forget over a 1000 stalls selling everything you can imagine with pretty much every type of business and organisations all covered.
There really is plenty that everyone loves about the Royal Cornwall Show.

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