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Top nine items for a luxury camping experience

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A proper stove and cookset
Let’s face it; no one has ever cooked a masterpiece on one of those little disposable bbqs.
A decent kitchen knife
Luxury campers do not eat out of tins, and with all the gorgeous Cornish produce available, you’re going to feel inspired to cook from scratch!
Don’t kid yourself that just taking a penknife is good idea. Take a decent chefs knife that’s fit for pretty much any purpose, and it’s going to make chopping veg and meat (or cake!) an awful lot easier.
Every camping trip needs a pair of shoes that you can stuff your feet into in the dark. Added bonus with wellies – they’re waterproof! Whether you’re tripping to the loo in the middle of the night or traipsing to the shower first thing in the morning, wellies are your camping best friend.
Something inflatable to sleep on
Nobody is denying that roll mats have improved a lot over the last few years. But, you know what’s comfier? An air bed. Hands down.
The right bedding
Nothing screams luxury like squeezing into a sleeping bag…not.
Why not try bringing sheets and a duvet? It might seem extreme – but you’ll sleep an awful lot better, promise!
Plenty of light
Music Water is in the heart of the countryside – not much light pollution! Trying to squint into a cook pot by the light of a tiny batter powered lantern to see if your dinner is cooked is not fun.
Whether you like solar lamps, battery lamps or gas lamps, make sure you’ve got the kit to light up at night. On this note – make sure you’re careful with gas lamps and tents; they can be a dangerous combination!
Chairs or cushions
As nice as sitting on the grass can be, the novelty can wear off quite quickly! Having chairs and cushions to flop into at the end of the day is great.
If you can stretch to a camp table to eat dinner on, even better!
Plenty of Towels
You need tea towels for drying off all your cookware, towels for drying off after a dip in outdoor pool, towels for when you’ve had a shower, towels for after you’ve been for a surf.
Okay, so maybe you don’t need a towel for every occasion, but you need enough that you can have one drying and one to use – it’ll make your stay a lot drier and happier!
Bug repellant
Being eaten alive by the local wildlife isn’t fun – make sure you’ve got the stuff to make sure they aren’t interested in you!

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