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Why we love Kernow Chocolate.

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Chocolate is an absolute favorite of mine, so you can imagine my excitement and sheer joy when a chocolate factory opened just two miles up the road from us here at Music Water Touring Park. Here is why we love Kernow Chocolate.

Kernow Chocolate is a family run business that has been making delicious chocolate since 2005 at their family farm, to my joy in 2015 they opened their new factory at St Eval, meaning more yummy Chocolate being produced by the box load just up the road from me!
Visitors can now see for themselves the chocolate being made by skilled chocolatiers from their viewing window. Not only this but the factory also has a cafe that not only serves speciality teas and Italian coffee but their signature hot chocolate made with you guessed it, their own chocolate!

The factory as well as showing how chocolate is made also offers an interesting glimpse into the origins of the chocolate as well as other interesting chocolate facts. Its great to know that all kernow Chocolate is sustainably and ethnically sourced thus ensuring a better deal for the local cocoa farmers. Good Eh!

Now personally my favorite is Dark Chocolate but to be honest i wouldn’t say no to any kind of chocolate especially as delicious of Kernow Chocolate. Which leads me onto another reason why i love Kernow Chocolate because they certainly have plenty to chose from. As well as making the traditional flavours of White, Milk and Dark chocolate, Kernow Chocolate handmake over 20 different flavours, ranging from my favorite Raspberry dark Chocolate to Banoffee, from caramel sea salt to Ginger and Lime, chocolate orange flavour to Eton mess and plenty more besides.

Not only does the factory have its own shop where you can buy all the chocolate they have on offer but you can sample some of the delicious range for yourself. ( I have tested and tried several of the range you understand, strictly for research purposes!)

So when your next camping and it’s raining as it sometimes does, why not pop down to the Kernow Chocolate factory grab yourself a hot drink and a bar of Cornish Chocolate or two!

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