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Helping your caravan survive the winter.

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The summer seems a distant memory and everywhere you look you are reminded that winter is well and truly on its way.
Before you turn your thoughts to bonfire nights, cosy nights in by the fire and the twinkling delights of Christmas there’s a few things to do to make sure your caravan is in tip top condition next spring.

Make sure that you have a good storage place to keep your caravan, somewhere level and well protected from pests and adverse weather. The other big thing to check is that the area is secure and well light.

Make sure that the exterior and interior of your caravan has a thorough clean.
Apply a good coat of winter wax to protect from ice, snow and mould.

Check the caravan for any broken seals, check tyre and light fittings for damage and make repairs now rather than have to do it when you want to set off next year.

Double check the interior. Check for damp spots, remove any water residue and cover all vents to prevent flies getting in.

Remove all perishables including soap to prevent mice getting in and having a winter feast on your cushions!

Finally check and clean your toilet. It is very important as you don’t want to compromise on hygiene. Put in anti freeze to prevent damage and clean and employ water tanks.

When all the cleaning has been done sit back with a smug smile and a hot chocolate.

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