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Five top tips for camping with Children.

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Camping is great fun,sleeping out under the stars, BBQ’s, campfires and the thrill of being outdoors with nature. This said camping with little ones can be let’s say …sometimes challenging!
We can all agree despite the mayhem camping is what childhood memories are all about, so here are 5 top tips to make camping with children that little bit easier.

1. Be like a Girl Guild and be prepared! Pack to cover all eventualities from thick woolly jumpers, waterproof trousers,coats and wellies to suncream Sunhats and sandals. The British weather can change in an instant so by packing for all conditions you won’t caught out.

2. Take plenty of light, trips to the toilet at night are inevitable and strange shadows on the tent canvas can all frighten even the bravest child. Torches and tent lanterns are a must to help ensure no stubbed toes trying to find your way around and help comfort a child in the dark. Children’s head torches are a fun and practical way to provide light in the dark with the added bonus that whilst wearing a head torch you can spot your child a mile off!

3. Pack a toy tub. No matter how many fun activities you have planned sometimes the rain stops play, your little one can sometimes just need some time out or you just need five minutes to yourself. Paper, pencils and colouring activities are a good choice as well as puzzle books, reading books or some simple playdough. A good board game will help stop a bored day!!

4. Give yourself plenty of time on your day of arrival to pitch up and unpack. Getting stuck in traffic and then arriving late at night trying to put up a tent in the dark whilst the kids are overtired and grumpy is not fun!
By arriving in good time you can get the kids involved in setting up, holding pegs, fetching water, laying out beds, not only does this keep the kids occupied whilst being excited but it also means you will have time to put up the lovely added extras like fairy lights or table and chairs to really make the whole family feel happy and relaxed = happy family camping memories.

5. Know who and where to contact, sometimes no matter how well prepared we are things don’t always go to plan. Make sure you have a First Aid kit and a list of all the important information you may need such as the nearest Doctors, Dentist, chemist and Hospital. Then if things do go wrong you know just what to do.

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