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Cornish Pasty..Proper Job!

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You can’t come to Cornwall and not have a Cornish pasty, it’s just not done!!

Luckily in Cornwall as you would expect we have plenty of wonderful places that sell a wide range of Cornish Pasties but if you fancy having a go at making your own look no further!


The Traditional Cornish pasty   

Makes 4

Pastry Ingredients    

500g Strong Bread Flour

120g White Shortening

25g Cake Margarine

5g Salt

175g Cold Water

Filling Ingredients

450g Beef Skirt

450g Potato

250g Swede

200g Onion

Salt and Pepper (2/1 ratio)

Clotted Cream or Butter


Mix fat lightly into flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add water and beat in a food mixer until pastry clears and becomes elastic. This will take longer than normal pastry but it gives the pastry strength that is needed to hold the filling and retain a good shape.

Leave to rest for 3 hours in a refrigerator this is a very important stage as it is almost impossible to roll out and shape the pastry when fresh.


Chop the above ingredients finely and add to the rolled out circles of pastry raw. Layer the vegetables and raw meat adding plenty of seasoning. Put a dollop of clotted cream or a knob of butter on top. Then bring the pastry around and crimp together.

N.B Never attempt to add carrot, this is sacrilege!!!

Gas 6       Approx. 50 minutes-1 hour

Electric 210   Approx. 50 minutes-1 hour

Fan Assisted 165   Approx. 40 minutes

A wonderful recipe for a traditional Cornish pasty from The Chough Bakery in Padstow.





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