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Our Guide to Beach Safety

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The beaches in Cornwall are pretty fantastic, no denying that (Harlyn,Trevone and Treyarnon being our faves!!) but there is nothing that can spoil a good holiday like a scary sea experience. 

The lifeguards do an excellent job all summer long, but there are things we can do to help make their lives a bit easier when it comes to beach safety. Here’s our easy guide to understanding the beach flags.

Red and Yellow

This flag is the best!! The red and yellow stripe flag means have fun and lots of it! It’s safe to swim and its a life guarded area so splash away. 

Black and White  

This means that this area of the water is for the surfers and kayakers only, so no swimming and no body-boarding. It’s best to leave this area of the sea to these guys and gals and watch as they show you how to surf the waves in style!


Red for Danger. It means just that, the sea is not safe so NEVER, ever go in this part of the sea when the Red flag is flying. It could be unsafe for a number of reasons from riptides, currents, jellyfish or sea monsters (Ok I’m kidding about the last one!) 

Orange Wind Sock

When this is up and blowing, it means we have some of our famous Cornish sea breeze going on. It means strong winds so no inflatables in the sea as you don’t want to risk being blown away across the Atlantic.

Now you know all there is to know about beach flags – stay safe, have fun and enjoy the stunning beaches we have here in Cornwall! 

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