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Music Water in full Summer bloom.

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Summer flowers

We love nothing more than seeing beautiful summer flowers in full bloom around the campsite in summer. Music Water in full summer bloom is something special!
April is a busy month because it’s now that we start to sow all our annual flower seeds. The greenhouse becomes jammed packed from all kinds of seeds from the orange Marigolds to the multi coloured Petunias.
The flowers that are selected need to bloom throughout the busy campsite months of July and August.
The seeds are started off in trays filled with a good quality compost. If the weather is still chilly or unpredictable like it can be in April, then the trays are covered in clear plastic bags which are reused as much as possible.

Once the seeds have grown and are showing 2 or 3 true leaves then they are ready to be transplanted. This is done by thinning out seedlings and giving them more room to develop.
After only a short few weeks they will be ready to be planted out at the end of May.

To start this process we need to harden off the young plants. This simply means putting them into the cold frame for a few days to get use to life outdoors.

Once the end of May comes the trays of young flowers need to be planned out in the flower borders around the campsite. Flowers are usually placed not only in the borders but around the toilet blocks, the bar area, the park, anywhere we can find a empty patch of ground!

Our top favourite summer blooms are the stunning red poppy, the orange marigold and the blue cornflowers. The big and bold dahlias also make for a fantastic summer show.

So that’s it, that’s a glimpse into how we do Music Water in full summer bloom.
Why not come and see how lovely they look for yourselves this summer.

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